Sunday, 13 February 2011

Facepaint and ropework

I recently had the privilege of working with the lovely Millie Dollar again.
During the day, we worked long and hard at the Vicarage Boutique Hotel with it's amazing rooms and wonderfully accommodating staff alongside the amazing Tim Miles-Hayler.
Tim has been bugging me for ages to let him come along to one of my shoots and being totally honest I was holding off because of nervousness! Tim has been a professional for many years and although we jovially rib each other about work and camera choices, I have huge respect for him and his work.

Anyway, the shots from the hotel are under wraps for the moment due to possible publishing but I will share as soon as I'm able :) Until then here's a behind the scenes image.

last minute make-up touches

Now onto the set! Make-up by the ever wonderful Ms Moo!

There were also a couple of behind the scenes pictures of this set too!

The make-up in progress, note the glass of red wine...

Although the back was a little messy, I'm really proud of my first attempt at rope work! I was bought a book on decorative rope bondage a couple of years back by a good friend (it was a little bit of an inside joke) and this is the first chance I've had to try anything in it. I might do more in the near future :)
The lighting was fairly straight forward to be honest, softbox and kick light. I think the highlight has given a nice separation from the background and detail on the body.

Until next time!

Miss Rain x

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  1. Correction! Wine with a straw.....!! ;)
    Was so much fun!!