Monday, 7 February 2011

Dr Sketchy Nottingham.

I'm proud to say that I've been part of Dr Sketchy Nottingham since the very beginning when I was approached by the beautiful women who brought it here, Charlotte Thomson and Scarlett Daggers.

An exerpt from their website...

Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School is where cabaret meets life drawing. Now in over 110 cities around the world, finally we have a branch in Nottingham, brought to you by local performance and art aficionados Scarlett Daggers and Charlotte Thomson.
Dr Sketchy Nottingham is a 3 hour afternoon event, held every other month in Nottingham city centre. We welcome EVERYONE to come and try their hand at a bit of drawing in a fun, relaxed environment. Professional artists, art students, nervous beginners and 'havent drawn in 30 years' folks, we welcome you all to Dr Sketchy!
You will be treated to the unique opportunity to draw some of the UK (and worlds) best performers and their dazzling costumes, from the world of burlesque, cabaret, drag queens, carnival freaks, fetish divas and any other interesting and curious people we meet along the way! You'll also be entertained by our performers, our DJ playing top tunes from many eras and genres and get to take part in silly drawing compeititons to win drinks and other goodies.
We also hold extra special 'one off' Dr Sketchy events to coincide with festivals, exhibitions and special occassions in Nottingham, in addition to the regular bi-monthly event.

Every time I'm there I have fun watching amazing performers pull feats of contortion for minutes at a time while some of the most talented artists I've ever met capture it on paper. Most likely I'm seen peering over the artists shoulder, getting told off for making the models laugh or crawling on the floor through glitter and pencil shavings to get a better shot.
So dedicated to the Nottingham branch of Dr Sketchy am I that I have even modelled for them! That was an experience!

If you are interested in reading about me waffle on about photography, visit their blog... Dr Sketchy Nottingham Blog

but for now I'll leave you with some of my favourite images from Dr Sketchy events in Nottingham

Amelie Soliel

Sherry Trifle

Snappy O'Shea

Lola Pops
Anna Fur Laxis and lucky winner!
Zara Ridley and the image she chose to win.
Diva Hollywood gets dirty with her chosen winner at the first Dr Sketchy Nottingham!
That's all for now! More news soon x

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