Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New blog, Sapphire Black in Violaceous Latex. Makeup by Ms Moo

Hi everyone!
I think I have been bothering people quite a bit on Twitter with my recent works and sometimes 140 characters isn't enough! I'd like to share an image from Sunday's shoot with the awesome Sapphire Black for Violaceous Latex. I think she may have been daunted by mine and Ms Moo's banter but she came round in the end!
One thing I tried on Sunday was hairdressing. I often help out with retro styles on the model but this was the first time I'd gone out of my way to create something in advance.

Sali, as usual was taking photos on her blackberry while I was shooting. We shot the first part in her living room in a style I had wanted to try for a long time, it worked out well but I'd like to take the idea further in another shoot. Apologies for standing on your sofa Sali ;)

Sofa surfing...

Although I tried looking desperately for some concrete tunnels (I'm still looking) the second location came on a whim but I think worked out quite well. A cow shed in the middle of Staunton Harold...
My first try with off camera flash and I think it went well, room for improvement but I will always be a perfectionist. Some of my first choice swear words were in full force when swapping out overheated batteries but all in all pretty painless

Hope you like the start to my new blog, I shall be updating frequently with my trials and tribulations and appreciate feedback Check back soon.
If you haven't already visited my website, go there for now www.missrain.co.uk

Lots of love

Miss Rain x

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  1. hi mate, good to see you on the blog-o-sphere. I have been interested in getting a look behind the scenes of what you do. Look forward to seeing what you get up to.