Saturday, 14 August 2010

Busy next couple of weeks!

I wanted to get some of the images from the last shoot up quickly to show them off. We've had loads of great feedback from the images so here you go :)

Photography : Miss Rain
Hair : Miss Rain

Tonight and tomorrow will mainly consist of research for a shoot we have for Aveda on Monday evening. My friend Ben is a stylist at the Nottingham branch and the guys need images to send in for a competition. After being let down they decided to give me a shout... last wednesday! Talk about last minute!
The idea I have is to base it around an image that I did recently with Frankii Wilde.

I'm thinking that a kick light from behind for a beautiful little halo, a softbox on a boom overhead right for a hair light and a fill light off to the left to soften the shadows a little for a little glint in the eyes. I want to keep the images a little shadowy, a little dark as from the descriptions of the cuts and ideas I think we're going quite high fashion.

I collated a couple of images together more for my own research and reference more than anything!

After that, more work on the tattoo tuesday and then off to Newcastle for my friend's wedding (guest only!), more tattoo work and two birthdays.
Non stop in the Miss Rain camp!

Check back soon

Lots of Love

Miss Rain x

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