Saturday, 19 March 2011

More Hair

Trying to catch up and blog on everything I've been working on over the past month is hard when busy but I've got a few seconds now...
Last August, I had a great time photographing for my friend Ben at Aveda, you can see the images here. This month I got the opportunity to shoot for him again,
This time he was dying the hair peachy tones with strong cut lines. I suggested a dark forest green for the background to contrast with the peachy tones and I'm glad I did as it worked really well!

I used a soft box high and to directly to the left which lit the hair nicely and also caused those beautiful collarbone shadows! A kick light from the back and to the right gave the highlights to the right of her face and a reflector from below and right to soften any hard shadows caused by the angle of the soft box.
I didn't want to evenly light the hair as there were so many subtle colours and shades to it and I think it's worked out nicely!

Until next time

Miss Rain x

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